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Affordable Housing

Across the Country, Justice Ministry Organizations Win

Fair suspension policies in public schools: Charleston, SC school superintendent implemented Positive Behavior Intervention Systems in 10 schools and Restorative Justice in 5 schools, reducing suspension rates;

Affordable housing: City of Lexington, KY committed $2 million annually to an affordable housing trust fund to build and renovate low-income housing;

Diversion of mentally ill people from legal system: in Lawrence, KS, the police chief agreed to provide Crisis Intervention Training to every police officer, giving officers the understanding to know when to divert people away from jail toward treatment alternatives;

Accessible health care: in Miami, FL, the county school system agreed to put kids’ health first by building 165 health clinics;

Clean-up of drugs and crime: in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, justice ministry organizations identified 44 “hot spots” of drug and criminal activity and police committed to increase presence in order to clean them up;

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