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Tuesday, April 9, 2024 • 7–8:30pm
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Justice Knox Upcoming Events & COVID-19

Justice Knox COVID-19

March 17, 2020

Amid growing concern about the coronavirus outbreak, Justice Knox has canceled the March 30th Rally as well as the Nehemiah Action on May 4th. Please continue to save the dates of May 4th & June 15th for network gatherings. The current plan is to assume June 15th as a tentative Nehemiah Action date. Justice Knox will reassess the situation in 2 weeks and will release a follow up statement by April 14th regarding plans for May 4 and June 15.

While we adjust our calendar in response to this health threat, we know that many in our community continue to suffer from other crises, and we will continue our work to address these issues. We will continue to work with Mayor Kincannon to develop the key elements of an affordable housing trust fund ordinance for Knoxville and to reach out to community leaders in our ongoing work in mental healthcare, education and public transportation.

Research/issue committees will continue their work. Since these gatherings are usually fewer than 10-20 people, we feel it is still safe to hold them as long as everyone is careful to engage in the health practices recommended by the CDC and others. If needed or desired, the committees will utilize conference calls and other teleconferencing methods.

During this time, let us remember those who are likely to suffer most during a crisis like this: our neighbors at risk of losing jobs or income in this crisis, neighbors with compromised health and those who lack good health care, families who are already struggling, people suffering with mental illness, those experiencing homelessness, those without ease of transportation, neighbors isolated in other ways. Despite the progress we have made, we still have important work to do together in our community!

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